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Aug. 9th, 2008 09:49 am
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Sekhmet had enjoyed the time spent with Queen Tyhara, she was quite lucid and thankfully had been quite underestimated by her fellow harem inmates as well as Tjeti.

That, Sekhmet mused, could be quite useful at the proper time. For years she had hoped for someone other than herself whom she could discuss politics and worldly concerns with other than her Divine Husband, Tjeti. Queen Tyhara had a delicate way about her, unassuming and pleasant, except behind those large eyes, that still had the flower of innocence, there was a steely determination. A determination that she recognized as a quality that had kept her alive. This could be honed - and could keep the pretenders away from what was most of value - the Throne itself.

Sekhmet let herself fall into the deft touch of her masseuse. It would be a long while before she was completely pure again. Warmed oils of myrrh and cassia filled her senses and she let her eyes close at last. The funeral for Prince Tjeti was in ten days and the numb emptiness of her womb, of the palace of life itself ate menacingly at her consciousness. Tyhara, she mused, had faced the same things and she had done them with grace. She would definitely have to write to the King of Thrace and send appropriate gifts herself, thanking the King for the gift, of his daughter. Sekhmet would make certain to send it under her own diplomatic seals rather than those of Tjeti. No doubt the missive would be intercepted and read along its journey more than once, and she would have each set of eyes that read it know that neither of the Peraa's Queens who had lost their sons were diminished by her misfortune.

Maybe, she thought, Tyhara should have her own apartments, closer to the centre of power in the palace, closer to where the decisions were made. It would help both of them to pass the days of their post-partum purifications, and once finished, it would keep the king with his mind less on the harem precincts to have the Great Royal Wife and the current favorite closer to him. If there was less need to go to the harem, then further incidents could be more easily managed. She allowed herself to smile then at the thought.

There were plenty of treacheries in the harem, and one in particular who had just given birth to a son to Tjeti and was becoming increasingly troublesome. Ambitions were the surest way to gain attention, but if a concubine such as Nesihonsu were to be so overt in her aspirations, it could prove to be quite dangerous.

There were so many ways to do away with a rival, particularly the little ones, Sekhmet mused. Any number of poisons to be applied, or several accidents that could befall the arrogant and unsuspecting. Of course, you had to be careful that the intended victim was the one who was struck, and in such a populated space, and that could prove to be difficult. As far as she knew, however, the concubine had not been intelligent enough to make certain to use a taster for her food in every incidence. That alone could prove to be quite useful. It was no accident that King Tjeti had not acknowledged the child Nesihonsu had born. Sekhmet had seen to that, And in her impatience, Nesihonsu had pressed the matter before she had gone to the Per’aa’s couch and it had only earned her the ire of the King. It was that which amused Sekhmet the most. It was in times of disfavour when everyone turned their face away from the slighted that would provide the perfect opportunity. A well placed arrow would find its mark and Nesihonsu and her son would be more easily forgotten. ’Far more easily dealt with and swept away,’ she thought.

Merely entertaining the thoughts of exorcizing her pain on the hapless victims of the dark daughter of Meroe and her child worked like a balm upon Sekhmet’s heart. When her masseuse had finished working out the tension in her muscles and her servants had draped her with a crisp white linen sheath and dressed her hair she allowed herself to relax at last. Sitting at her desk, she took up the reed pen and stylus.

"Send to me my scribe, and the Steward of my Household,” Sekhmet said quietly to Lakshmibai, who had been overseeing from a quiet corner. The Bahrati handmaiden rose and inclined her head in wordless acquiescence. “ There will be new arrangements within the palace. If you are questioned, even by His Majesty, send them to me.”

“Yes, my Lady” Lakshmi murmured and swept from the room in a soft rustle of Indian silk and brocade.

“There is much to do “ she murmured to herself, even though no one would hear, “much to do.”

Muse: Sekhmet Merytamun
Fandom: Original Character / Historical
Word Count: 792

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