May. 19th, 2008

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The Great Royal Wife, Sekhmet Meritamen, sat beneath the golden canopy of State flanked by her brother in law, Siamen, and KhenumRa, the two Tjaty of His Majesty. Directly behind her was the Medjay, General Ardeth Bay. As Great Caesar’s messenger, Caius Silenus Antonius, tribuni militares was brought before the in her Majesty’s audience hall, the Roman, like all Romans that she had ever encountered, showed the typical arrogance that their new expanding “Republic” had given them by right of conquest. In attendance he had brought an adolescent slave, a Greek boy who was perhaps fifteen at the most. The boy’s body was like a slender reed next to the expansive girth of the Roman that he served and his eyes darted nervously about the room, particularly at the court officials, attending priests and the Medjay that stood behind the Queen.

Silenus Antonius was not nearly as tall as her Divine Husband, Sekhmet noted, nor even as tall as His brother, Siamen or even the Medjay, Ardeth Bay. After a glance at Siamen, Sekhmet raised her hand to signal the herald that the Roman would be allowed to speak. Read more... )

Muse: Sekhmet Meritamun
Fandom: Original Character / "En Intw Djerw Henet" (The Limit of Art Cannot Be Attained)
Word Count:1401
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OOC: This is totally meta and from a story that I wrote for this character some time ago. For any involved with RP with Sekhmet / Meryt, please don't sweat it. :)


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