Oct. 17th, 2008

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Queen Sekhmet had never been comfortable with a fuss being made over herself - unless it suited the purpose of strenthening the throne, and the ambitions that she held for her Husband, Tjeti. She eyed the assembled people in the banqueting hall, indeed, the villagers had made every attempt to put out their best efforts, to make their royal visitor comfortable.

KhenumRa’s generosity was seemingly boundless. That they were at war had little effect on the level of hospitality that he had been able to bestow for her.

"Whatever is mine, here, is Yours, " he had offered, and she would take it gratefully. KhenumRa’s estate was attached to seemingly endless gardens, now lit with dim lanterns as the odd nobleman and noblewoman strolled them lazily. Soft breezes blew over the well manicured hedges and manicured patches of cornflowers and other fragrant foliage. The wind still carried the hot breath of the desert upon it into the torchlit corridors that were lined with motionless guards. Tonight there would be much talk about the impending war with Rome. Foreign delegations of Kemet’s allies, and only the most trusted of officials that had readily come to the aid of Per’aa were admitted to the banquet. The low mumur of their chatter hung in the fragrant air of the chamber.
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Muse: Sekhmet Meritamun
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 700


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