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OOC Note: Behind the cut is a list of names that are used throughout the stories involving Sekhmet / Meryt. Most of the names are a rather phoneticized form of Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) words. I will also be using the Manuel de Codage, (MdC) system, which is the standard that is used by scholars and Egyptologists in particular. This system is employed for purposes of transliteration of Ancient Egyptian. This list is by no means complete and will constantly be added to. This post will always appear first in this journal.

Akhu - (Kmt) - (AH-koo) Ancestors, justified and beloved dead who have passed to the West, the land of Wasir (Osiris) or the Field of Reeds. Similar to ancient belief of Elysium.

Aset (Kmt) - (AH-seht) - also known as Isis, which is Her Greek name. Even so, most modern people do not pronounce even that Name properly. If said correctly it would be "EE-see" or "EE-sees"."I" = "E" in Greek. Aset is the wife of Wasir, and one third of the Triad of Aset, Wasir and Heru.

Djehuty - (Kmt) (jah-HOO-tee) 'Thoth' (Gr.) - the God of wisdom, learning and writing. Particularly regarded by Scribes as their patron God.

Hap (Kmt) - The Nile.

Hm(t) Ntjr Tpe ne * -(HEH-met NET-jur TEHP-eh neh -) "High Priest(ess) of (God Name) "t" = female determinative.

Heru (HAIR-oo") - 'Horus' in Greek. There are many different forms of Heru. There is Heru-Wer aka Horus the Elder. Heru-Sa-Aset which is Heru son of Aset (Isis).

Het-Hert /HetHrw (Heht-HEHR-t) aka 'Hathor'- The Cow Headed Goddess, Het-Hert is usually depicted as a very beautiful woman wearing horns and solar disk. She is considered to be the more benevolent side of Sekhmet. See The Domain of Het-Hert.

Medjay / Medjai - (Kmt) - (MEHD-jah-i ) - A class of warriors, mostly employed from the regions outside of Kemet, possibly from the Sudan. It is believed that the Tuareg peoples of Mali and the Sudan are the descendants of the Medjai. The Medjai were the personal bodyguards and guard of honour for he Per'aa and the Royal House.

MenNefer - - (Kmt) (MEN-eff-ur) The Egyptian city of Memphis.

- (Kmt) (PEHr-ah) Pharaoh, King of Egypt, meaning 'Great House'.

Sekhmet - The Lion Headed Goddess of Egypt. She is known as a deity of war, destruction and pestilance. Conversely, She is also regarded as the enforcer of M'at (Justice and Truth) as well as healing and right-rulership. Sekhmet is the 'other side of the coin' of the Goddess Het-Hert (Hathor) and is regarded as an ' Eye of Ra'. See Sekhmet: The Eye of Ra

Waset: (Kmt) - (Oo-AH-seht) The Egyptian City known as 'Thebes'.

Wasir: (kmt) - (Oo-ah-SEE-r) ('Osiris' - Gr.) God or Netjer of the Underworld and the Dead. The pre-amble to a specific name to indicate the name of one who is deceased.

Words of Greeting / Salutations in Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian)

iiti - Hello!
iiwy - Welcome
yeh! - Hi!
Dewa nefer - Good morning!
aw ibek (or aw ibetj when addressing a woman) - may your heart rejoice!
em hotep! (or em hetep or m htp) - in peace!
em hotep nefer! - In very great peace!
em heset net Ra - May you be in favour with Ra (or substitute any name of Netjer you wish)
Senebty - Health be upon you!
nefer sejmek! (or nefer semetj if addressing a woman) may you hear only good things! (this was used frequently as a closing salutation in correspondence)
a'nekh djet - Live forever!

English to Egyptian:

Admiral - Imey-er-a'ha'ew (or imy-r-aHa.w, masc.)
Architect - qed (qd, masc,); qedet (qd.t, fem.)
Army - mesah' (mSa, masc.)
Avatar - tewet (tw.t, fem.)

Bad - bin (bin, adj.)
Baker - retehtey (rtH.ty, masc.) retehet, fem.)
Battle - re-a'khet (r-a-x.t, masc.)
Beautiful - nefer (nfr, adj.)
Beer - henqet (Hnq.t, fem.)
Big - wer (wr, adj) also can be used as 'great'
Black - kem (km, adj.)
Book - shefdew (Sfdw, masc.)
Bread - te (t, masc.)
Brother - sen (sn, masc)

Captain - (naval) Sekhrey, (sxry, masc.)
Cat - miw or miew (miw, masc.)
Chariot - wereyet (wrry.t, fem.)
Citizen - niewtey (niw.ty, masc.)
City - niwet (niw.t, fem)
Courtyard - webat (wbA.t, fem.)
Crew (naval) iset (is.t, fem.)

Daughter - sat (sAt.t, fem.)
Day - Herew (hrw, masc.)
Dog - iew (iw, masc.)


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