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Interview Questions for the Muses:

1. What's wrong with you?

I am a meglomaniac bitch with ambition. I was born in the upper noblitiy of ancient Kemet, and through me my husband, the Hmt Ntjr Tepe ne Amun (High priest of Amun) became Per'aa (Pharaoh) of alll Kemet. Even after my first death, I have a sense of entitlement. I cannot have children, because of what I am. I have a bit of an anger management issue, but am able to exorcise it upon the heads of those who are more than deserving. While some would say that is what is wrong with me, I don't really find it much of a detriment in the scheme of things.

2. In your relationships, are you a success or a failure? What is that supposed to mean? My first husband, who was Pharaoh was poisoned - along with me, and thusly I experienced my first death. If my surviving the attack makes me unsuccessful, then so be it. I have since have other lovers and other husbands, few of which I could stand, but they furthered my ends for the time that i had them. I have a few affinities, but I prefer them as paramours rather than spouses. I don't like the liabilities that those relationships that everyone keeps touting seem to involve. Stay in my good graces and stay out of my way - or earn my respect, and you will be permitted to live. Transgress and pay the price. For me these things have been quite successful.

3. What one thing holds you back from achieving everything you want? Nothing or no one ever prevents me from obtaining what I want. I am patient and if I want something, I will achieve it - including that ridiculous 'prize' that everyone keeps going on about.

4. On a scale of one to ten, rate your skill/success in the following areas: money - 9, power - 9 , sex-10, love - 8 (since my husband is dead) , friendship - 8, family - 0 ( I don't have any family), job - 10 - I am a Queen afterall, mental health -'s those anger issues again; looks - 11. Every other woman rather resembles a mongrel when held up next to a woman of pure, noble, Egyptian blood. Men find such exotic and rare beauty irresistable and want to possess it. Pity that most of them could not possibly make my standards.

5. What would your best friend/spouse/lover say is your worst fault? That I am relentless in my ambition.

What would your worst enemy say is your greatest strength? That I am relentless in my determination.

6. Are you an asshole/dick/bitch/douchbag/asshat? I am an asshole and a bitch and I don't see any reason why I have to be the least bit apologetic about it.

7. What one thing would you like to do that your mun won't let you? I'd like to essentially enslave those whom I find useful and slay those whom I don't. There is this silly little thing about not killing off the 'muse' of another - whatever that means. She seems to forget that I beat to death one of my rivals with an anvil, set the body on fire and buried it with my own two hands. I am not sure why she thinks that I would play at all nice just because someone arbitrairily decided that I am not allowed to remove any obstacles that I think should be swept out of my way. Sometimes the obstacle comes in the form of a person. Why can't I simply be rid of them and have done?

8. If you could have a pass to kill one other character, today, who would it be? Why? The list is far too long at this point. Perhaps at the top of my list would be Marius Sulla. I simply want to fuck him to death over and over just to say that I did. I have a deep seated resentment of Rome and Romans for obvious reasons. Don't misunderstand me. I honestly like Marius - but the thought of killing him excites me a great deal. I mean he and I both agree that Cleopatra VII was a trollop; she was the the original pig in lipstick, as it were. How could I not like someone who shares such a sentiment? If I kill him, however, I wonder if he would return the favour? I think Marius could help me work out these frustrations in a very unique way that no one else could possibly do.

Interview Questions for the Mun:

1. When did you pick up this muse, and why? I originally created her for the website, Ancient Worlds (formerly Ancient Sites). She was one of the first characters in Ancient Sites, Egypt. Of all of my characters that I have been writing, I have had her the longest. She is also my most prickly muse.

2. If this is a canon muse, how well do you think you portray their canon? Be honest. she is canon in that I have tried to stay with historical accuracy, even though this person never lived. I pride myself on my research, and I think it is very sound.

3. If this is an original character, how big of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu do you think they are...honestly? If one can be a completely unapologetic, antagonistic bitch with no scruples, sure! She wanted her husband to overthrow a weak pharaoh and declare himself Pharaoh, she said, not so much for herself, but for her country. I think, however, closer to the truth it was because she wanted to rule and always had an eye toward that. She ruled the royal harems with iron fist, she kept the ambassadors in her husband's service under tight control and was actively a part of her husband's government. I modelled her very much after the historical Great Royal Wife of Amenhotep III, mother of Akhenaten, Queen Tiye.

4. If you could go back and do one thing differently, in your roleplay of this muse, what would it be? There have been times when she has shown her vulerabilities. I think I would have made her even more hard and fall all that much harder as a result. I had no problem killing her off in a specific roleplay situation that had become intolerable. She talks about this in one of her first posts, and indeed that death became part of her canon.

5. What criticisms have you gotten about your portrayal of this muse? How do you feel about that? Has it changed how you write them? That Sekhmet is a reflection of me - but really, I am not that hard hearted. I think as a result I have made her even more cruel and hard-hearted.
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