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Birthdate:Feb 21

Watcher File
First Known Name: Sekhmet Merytamun

Current Name: Mari Al Nofri

Birthplace: Memphis, Egypt

Age: Unknown

Date of Birth:Exact birthdate unknown. Approximately (at least_ 1570 BCE (18th or Thutmoside Dynasty)

First Death: Died with her husband, Pharaoh Tjetiamenhotep I of poisoning.

Swords & Other Weapons: Sekhmet's current favourite is a Sarascen's Horse Scimitar. She is also well versed in other weapons such as the Indian trishula or Sai as commonly used in martial arts.

Known Teacher(s): Ardeth Bay (Medjay), also an 'elder' Immortal.

Height / Weight / Physical Characteristics: 5'2", was considered tall for a woman in antiquity. wt: approx. 97 lbs. Lean, muscular and athletic.

Parents: Raised by an Egyptian physician and his wife, Tuyu, Upper Noblewoman, chantress in the Temple of Hathor

Spouses or Lover: Unknown

Political Beliefs / Affiliations: Sekhmet is to this day a staunch monarchist and is very nationalistic toward Egypt and Middle Eastern issues.

Religious Beliefs: Egyptian Paganism, although does also frequent Mosques and Hindu temples.

Hobbies / Personal Interests:

Last Known Location: Los Angeles, California

Education: Unknown.

Occupation: Egyptologist and Independant Historian
Sekhmet Meritamun, was born the daughter of a physician priest and Upper Noblewoman in Memphis. She became a physician as her father before her, much to the discontent of her mother and others within society.

She became High Priestess to Sekhmet in Memphis and later met the then, First Prophet of Amun, Tjeti. Both were employed by the Pharaoh Ma'atibRe Nesnut, who later moved the capital of Egypt from Memphis to Thebes. After Pharaoh Ma'atibRe's death, the succession passed to the pretender, Pharaoh Nebertjer, under whose rule Egypt's power waned. A rebellion and usurpation was led by the First Prophet and Nebertjer was deposed. Tjeti declared himself Pharaoh, took the name of Tjeti Amenhotep I and raised his wife, Sekhmet Meritamun to be Hem Nisut Weret (Great Royal Wife). Sekhmet was his only wife until year two of his kingship, whereby Sekhmet insisted that to insure the Dynasty's survival, more wives must be taken and heirs produced. Sekhmet maintained her loyalty to both Tjeti and to Egypt until her death. She still holds very strong nationalistic sentiments for Egypt to this day, but is not supportive of the current Administration.

Chronicler's Notes
Sekhmet comes from an era that everyone is fascinated about but somehow speculation wins out against science. Sekhmet has been lending he voice to the field of Egyptology, and she has a proven track record for correcting badly cobbled together 'historical' information.

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