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OOC Note: Behind the cut is a list of names that are used throughout the stories involving Sekhmet / Meryt. Most of the names are a rather phoneticized form of Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) words. I will also be using the Manuel de Codage, (MdC) system, which is the standard that is used by scholars and Egyptologists in particular. This system is employed for purposes of transliteration of Ancient Egyptian. This list is by no means complete and will constantly be added to. This post will always appear first in this journal.

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The wounded God of the day bled across the sky,leaving a trail of orange, red and amethyst that even spilled into the Hap. It was the literal Sun Disk the Aten, and with a prayer of thanks to both the Great God of Waset, Amun, and Set, Sekhmet Meritamen let fall the fringed edge of her garment from her hand. Seventy-Two Days had passed twice and she as of this moment, herr official mourning for her husband, Sensenet had ended.Read more... )
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Be wakeful and healthy Min-Amun,
Lord Everlasting, Who created Eternity.
Receiver of worship as the Foremost One of Ipet-Sut
with sturdy horns and handsome face,
Who wears the crown of Upper Egypt with towering double plumes.
Praise be Yours who dwell in contentment
Lord of a joyful heart, glorious in power,
The sight of You is cherished by the Netjeru.

The shadows outside the offices of the First Prophet of Amun were a cool respite from the bright glare of the courtyards of Ipet-isut. Sekhmet Meritamen peered from the tall double doors that were slightly apart. From inside Sekhmet caught the scent of kapet and cedarwood, both favorites of Imen and His son. Smiling, she turned to her escort, a young acolyte of the temple and pressed her finger to her lips before the youth could open his mouth to speak. The Hm Ntjr Tepe ne Imen would be alone now, and she did not want to be announced. )

Muse: Sekhmet Merytamun
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 930 (not including New Kingdom love poem tr. by John L. Foster)

*Merii Hi = Beloved husband.
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The Hippo Hunt

I found my love by the secret canal, feet dangling down in the water
He had made a hushed cell in the thicket for worship
to delicate this day, to holy elevation of the flesh.

He brings to light that which is hidden, breast and thigh go bare, go bare.
Now, raised on high toward his altar, exalted,
A tall man is more than his shoulders. *

The sun had just crept over the horizon when Neb Tjeti left the enclosure of his private estate with his retinue. He was a man who always rose before first light. In his duties as First Prophet of Imen in the ancient city of Waset, in the far south of the Red Land, great Temple City of Upper Kemet, Tjeti rose many mornings to serve in the naos of his Father, Imen, the Unseen. There he washed and cared for the statue of the Netjer, caressed the warm stone with oils and applied kohl to the Netjer's eyes, dressed Him in fine linens, woven by the priests and noble women of the temple of Isut-ipet. He left fragrant flowers and wine, sweet fruits and good bread, all for the use of the divinity within the sacred shrine. This duty he performed in the morning, and in the evening he repeated his purifications, himself in a state of purity.

But not even a High Priest in the service of the King of the Netjerw served all the time, and this morning was for Tjeti's pleasure. With a few of his fellow priests, all young and strapping nobles, plus two of Medjay elite, and their servants, punters and bearers, Tjeti made his way to the shores of the Hap, where hunting skiffs waited. The men were boisterous, full of the spirits of men that are on their way to prove themselves and to court danger. Today they hunted on the blue waters of the Hap (blue this far south where the fertile band of land was thin and the desert creeps close to that narrow strip of life giving mud), astride their skiffs, like Cretan bull riders balancing on their beasts. Tjeti stood tall, in just a flashing white kilt and loincloth, his favorite harpoon in hand while his servant, Tepi, punted the skiff not into the fast waters but to a slow and marshy inlet. Read more... )

Muse: Sekhmet Merytamun
Fandom: Original Character / ' En Intw Djerw Henet' / Highlander
Word Count: 2728 (not including poem)

*From "New Kingdom Love Songs" Translated by John Foster
Special Thanks to the Mun of Tjeti Amunhotep (Tjeti Priest) on Pan Historia
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Queen Sekhmet had never been comfortable with a fuss being made over herself - unless it suited the purpose of strenthening the throne, and the ambitions that she held for her Husband, Tjeti. She eyed the assembled people in the banqueting hall, indeed, the villagers had made every attempt to put out their best efforts, to make their royal visitor comfortable.

KhenumRa’s generosity was seemingly boundless. That they were at war had little effect on the level of hospitality that he had been able to bestow for her.

"Whatever is mine, here, is Yours, " he had offered, and she would take it gratefully. KhenumRa’s estate was attached to seemingly endless gardens, now lit with dim lanterns as the odd nobleman and noblewoman strolled them lazily. Soft breezes blew over the well manicured hedges and manicured patches of cornflowers and other fragrant foliage. The wind still carried the hot breath of the desert upon it into the torchlit corridors that were lined with motionless guards. Tonight there would be much talk about the impending war with Rome. Foreign delegations of Kemet’s allies, and only the most trusted of officials that had readily come to the aid of Per’aa were admitted to the banquet. The low mumur of their chatter hung in the fragrant air of the chamber.
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Muse: Sekhmet Meritamun
Fandom: Original Character
Word Count: 700
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The deck of the barge was hot under Sekhmet's feet. Ra's supreme majesty beat down upon the Two Lands with an intensity that caused both man and beast to wilt beneath His gaze. Even the palm trees seemed to hang and cower, and the heat mirages above the towns that slid by shimmered before Sekhmet's eyes. The trip to MenNefer had already been difficult, with delays and missing regalia for the coronation of the new Pharaoh, SiAmunRe. Sekhmet found no joy in the thought of anyone but Ma'atibRe on the throne and she curled her fingers into a fist against the railing, her emotions wanted to scream out but she maintained her composure against her own will.
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Muse: Sekhmet MerytAmun
Fandom: Higlander / Original Character
Word Count: 1866
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Sekhmet had enjoyed the time spent with Queen Tyhara, she was quite lucid and thankfully had been quite underestimated by her fellow harem inmates as well as Tjeti.

That, Sekhmet mused, could be quite useful at the proper time. For years she had hoped for someone other than herself whom she could discuss politics and worldly concerns with other than her Divine Husband, Tjeti. Queen Tyhara had a delicate way about her, unassuming and pleasant, except behind those large eyes, that still had the flower of innocence, there was a steely determination. A determination that she recognized as a quality that had kept her alive. This could be honed - and could keep the pretenders away from what was most of value - the Throne itself. Read more... )

Muse: Sekhmet Merytamun
Fandom: Original Character / Historical
Word Count: 792

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The Great Royal Wife, Sekhmet Meritamen, sat beneath the golden canopy of State flanked by her brother in law, Siamen, and KhenumRa, the two Tjaty of His Majesty. Directly behind her was the Medjay, General Ardeth Bay. As Great Caesar’s messenger, Caius Silenus Antonius, tribuni militares was brought before the in her Majesty’s audience hall, the Roman, like all Romans that she had ever encountered, showed the typical arrogance that their new expanding “Republic” had given them by right of conquest. In attendance he had brought an adolescent slave, a Greek boy who was perhaps fifteen at the most. The boy’s body was like a slender reed next to the expansive girth of the Roman that he served and his eyes darted nervously about the room, particularly at the court officials, attending priests and the Medjay that stood behind the Queen.

Silenus Antonius was not nearly as tall as her Divine Husband, Sekhmet noted, nor even as tall as His brother, Siamen or even the Medjay, Ardeth Bay. After a glance at Siamen, Sekhmet raised her hand to signal the herald that the Roman would be allowed to speak. Read more... )

Muse: Sekhmet Meritamun
Fandom: Original Character / "En Intw Djerw Henet" (The Limit of Art Cannot Be Attained)
Word Count:1401
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OOC: This is totally meta and from a story that I wrote for this character some time ago. For any involved with RP with Sekhmet / Meryt, please don't sweat it. :)
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What kind of poison is your personality?


Anyone who samples your "apples" will wish they'd eaten Drano! You're found in the Manchineel Tree, the very tree responsible for thousands of deaths in the tropics! Like an assassin, you tempt men to eat of your luscious, plump fruit. The taste is divine at first, until about the third or fourth big bite. Then the throat and mouth swells shut and breathing becomes difficult. The lining of the stomach is eaten away, continuing down into the upper and lower gut. Death is usually certain and pain is, of course, like being burned alive from the inside out. Hell, even sitting in your shade can be deadly as the sap and dew from the leaves become caustic and can eat away the skin. Apple anyone?

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